A Workout Tool for Success

Working towards your goal to finally get in shape or to lose a couple pounds is hard work. If you have already started the process, you know what I mean. If you haven’t started yet, you will soon find out that it is not an easy task. You have to force yourself to wake up earlier. You have to motivate yourself to get your butt off the couch and drive to the gym. You even have to resist snagging that extra cupcake sitting at the middle of the table. Luckily, there is a tool out there to help you out: Technology. More specifically, your phone. You carry this magical device around with you everywhere. Why not put it to more use than just for checking whether that picture you posted 5 seconds ago has started trending yet? Why not make the device that tells the world when you are in Target, work for you? The same tracking software that tells Target when you are driving by so that they can send you a coupon can also be used to help you during your workouts. All you need to do is download one of the many free workout apps out there. But you don’t want to download just any one of them. You first want to make sure it does all that you want it to do. This is why I personally use the Under Armour My Fitness Pal app (no I am not getting paid to advertise for Under Armour, though I wish I was). What makes Under Armour Fitness app so good is that it has a lot of nice features. First, it has a nutrition tracker that not only counts how many calories and carbs and such that you have consumed, but also the vitamins and minerals that are so crucial to your bodies performance. There are a couple different ways that you can input the food that you consumed. You can search for it and select what other people have already added, manually add your foods nutrition facts, or, the easiest out of all, the bar code scanner. All you have to do is scan the bar code from the package of whatever you are eating and it automatically adds all of the nutrition facts. I must say though that keeping track of what you eat (AKA. Calorie Counting) takes some motivation and a good memory. First, it is hard to enter the food you ate if you had a bad day and ate a lot of junk food. But this should be a motivation to eat better. Second, you have to remember to track your food right after you eat your meal because it is too hard to remember what you ate for lunch if you have already eaten dinner.

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The next feature of the Under Armour My Fitness Pal app is the goals section. You can select your current weight, goal weight, and how many pounds you want to lose or gain per week and the app will calculate how many calories you should be consuming each day to reach this goal. The goal section also allows you to set nutrient goals, such as if you wanted to limit the number of carbs you ate per day, and fitness goals, such as how long and often you want to workout each week. Finally, the Under Armour app is a community. Everyone else that is using the app is trying to improve some part of their life just like you. And nothing motivates better than challenging and competing with your peers. Invite your friends to use the app and see who can reach their goal first.

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The one thing that the Under Armour My Fitness Pal app does not have is the GPS workout tracker. For this, you will have to download either the Under Armour Map My Fitness app or Under Armour Map My Run app (they are basically the same). You might think that it is a hassle to have to download 2 different apps but they do this for your own privacy. Since you have to allow the Map My Run and Map My Fitness apps to use your location in order for the GPS tracker to work, they make it so you have to sacrifice as little privacy as possible by storing your information in a separate app. The Fitness Pal app does not require your location to function so all of the information stored in this app is secure. In addition, the Map My Run and Map My Fitness apps sync with the My Fitness Pal app so any workout that you track automatically gets logged with the Fitness Pal data. And lastly, for all you people that like counting steps, the Fitness Pal app can connect to the step counter that came installed in your phone and automatically log them.

Whether you already knew about fitness tracking apps and just wanted to know which one to get or whether this is your first time ever hearing about them, I hope this post was informative. Stay Motivated!!!


Below is a link to the Under Armour Apps site which can give you more information if you are interested.



Side Note: The fitness apps are a low to no cost way to track your workouts. If you would like to go out and purchase an expensive Fit Bit or other wristband tracker, by all means do so. I personally think the apps are very sufficient. But with the Fit Bit you will get slightly more accurate info and features like the heart rate monitor. 


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